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The Wardens of Ossus, above all, emphasize respect, cooperation, and character among their members. We do not restrict recruitment of new and talented Wardens based upon any arbitrary criteria; rather, we only seek to ensure that all new Wardens are a comfortable fit within the existing order.
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About the Wardens of Ossus

Beneath clouds and ruin, wisdom awaits.  We are its guardians.  -Warden ethos

The Wardens of Ossus is an academic and military order comprised of Jedi, Republic soldiers, smugglers, and others which was formed in order to promote the ideals of the Republic and to foster the pursuit of knowledge.  For seven hundred years the Wardens have remained true to their purpose, promoting the virtues of integrity, cooperation, and wisdom throughout the known galaxy.  Through both prosperity and calamity the Wardens have endured.  Even though Ossus and the Great Jedi Library are little more than ruins, they stand as a testament to the Wardens.  A testament that free individuals gave their lives in defense of liberty.  A testament that while symbols may be destroyed, the ideas that elevate them cannot.  Now, with the Sith having returned from the Unknown Regions, the Wardens stand in defiance of the encroaching darkness, knowing that while there are still individuals willing to stand and to fight, that hope yet remains.



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